A Trio of Traveling Technology: Part One

There are several objects that I couldn’t see myself traveling without; in this day and age, its almost no surprise that three or so of these items would be technology related. Traveling can pull you far apart from your family and friends, but in our time, there are many ways to stay connected from even an ocean away.

I decided to separate my favorite technologies into three posts, each post dealing with a different category: computers, phones and cameras. I’ve collected a few items, websites, and apps that have proved useful to me in prior traveling experiences and come up with a few recommendations for those of us who love to travel, but love to keep up with where the heart really is – home.

This post will start with my personal favorite: computer technology.

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A Makeup Addict Travels to London

Hello again!

I know it sounds strange, but one of the hardest choices I had to make while packing was what makeup to take with me. I didn’t want to be too minimal – but I also have to acknowledge airline weight limits. And for an individual who once had dreams of doing makeup for celebrities, slimming down my list of numerous products to bring along was not an easy task. As I mentioned in my previous post, the app Wunderlist made this job exponentially more manageable. I was able to make a list of what I wanted to bring along, and compare it to a list of things I knew were necessary for my daily makeup routine. Once I had everything sorted, I was able to easily and efficiently pack all of my makeup away – ready for a journey of its own.

Also, this one is going to be a long one…I apologize in advance.

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London for a Semester…The Basics

Hello all!

So, its now come down to the last six days before my departure from the US. While Christmas was fun and a little bit stressful, the real stress is starting to kick in now. I’m slowly finding ways to sort everything out and gain a footing in all of these preparations, and I thought that I might share my method with those of you who are interested. I’ve found that there’s a gap between sites that offer information on moving permanatly to the UK, and sites that are focused solely on short travel and vacations. I hope to be able to provide information about how to prepare for a moderately lengthy stay in London, and what it is like to study abroad for a semester in college. I hope this information is helpful and always feel free to message me with any questions, I’m always interested to hear from you!

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An Introduction – Except, a Little Less Formal

It is currently midnight, between November 30th and December 1st, and I am writing this post as a small introduction. I am sniffling due to a cold bedroom, and covered in cookie crumbs from a evening baking experience with a very special someone – essentially, a synopsis of my current existence, minus the obsessive White Collar marathon I’m also engaging in as I type. Tomorrow, I head back to college and begin the tedious last weeks of finals and due dates, and I could not be dragging my heels more.

The final weeks of my first semester of college will be bittersweet, and now that I have the ending in my clear line of sight, I couldn’t wish for an extension more. I have grown to love the girls in my hall, no matter how hectic they can make life, and no matter how many nights they keep me awake until the early morning with loud music and other questionable noises. Each one of them has a personality that clicks into place with the others in the hall; it has made living in a residence hall an experience that I will look back on with a quirked smile. They aren’t the only ones I’m afraid to leave, though. Moving to London means leaving my family, the people I care about the most, and the friends that make every day an adventure. But I’ll save that sentiment for another post, coming in the near future, in which I drip tears onto my keyboard as I express how much I will miss everyone that I can’t fit into my suitcase. 

In short, this blog will feature my stories and photos of my experience abroad – the new challenges, the new successes and, finally, the new reality I will be living in London, England.